Mexican style Slow-Cooked Tender Pork with Pineapple & chillies with tacos

pork tenderloinMexican style Slow-Cooked Tender Pork with Pineapple & chillies with tacos (Serves 6)
Prep Time: 1 hour
Cook Time: 6 hours
Total Time: 7 hours

Yield: 12 tacos

Ingredients: •3 lbs boneless pork loin or roast •1/8 cup cooking oil •1 large white onion •1 pineapple •1 whole orange •1/4 cup apple cider vinegar •1 oz. dried red chiles •2-3 cloves of garlic •1 teaspoon salt •1 tablespoon cumin •1 tablespoon dried oregano •1 bunch cilantro •12 corn tortillas •Favorite chile sauce for topping •Lime wedges for garnish


Cut your pork into 1-inch cubes, roughly bite size. (I use scissors for this, it’s much easier than a knife.  If you are going to use a knife, partially freeze the pork first.)

Peel the onion, cut it in half and set one half aside.  Slice the other half into 1/4 inch slices and separate the rings.  Cut the top and bottom off of the pineapple, and then slice the outer skin off. Cut the pineapple flesh off of the core, and discard the core.  Chop the pineapple into small cubes.

Use chiles that are whole, not broken or split open. They should be tough, yet slightly bendable with no discoloration or light spots. They should also be uniform in color and evenly dried. Once you have picked out the best possible chiles, it is time to re-hydrate them. you will want to cut the top off of each chile to remove the stem. Then, cut a slit down the side of the chile to split it open. The majority of the seeds will shake right out. Use your fingers or a spoon to scrape any additional seeds off and pull off any dried them in a bowl and cover them with hot water. The chiles will need to soak 20-30 minutes depending on how thick they are.  When they are done soaking, place them in blender or food processor.  Slice the orange in half and squeeze the juice in with the chiles and add in the vinegar, garlic, salt, cumin and oregano. Blend or process for 20-30 seconds. You can prepare the chile mixture the night before and refrigerate until ready.

Place the pork, pineapple, onion slices and blended chile mixture in a slow-cooker and cook on high heat for 6 hours.  Use a slotted spoon to serve the pork.