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Do you ever find that music can inspire you to cook certain types of food. A song may remind you of a holiday in Spain and then you go reach for Spanish recipes!

Personally I love to listen to music as I cook, in fact nowadays I will barely start cooking before putting on my album. I can understand for some music may be more of a distraction. Music of course can make or break a dinner party. The music choice at dinner is a top priority for me. I create playlists that goes with the food you are eating! There are a number of different sites that can assist you in your own creation of the perfect playlist to play in the kitchen.

Laura Bennet editor for the Guardian last week wrote an article about the latest box set entitled “cooking songs” A new compilation album aims to provide the perfect tracks to listen to in the kitchen, but can others mix it up better? It is one of those things like food it is a matter of personal taste! But just think next time as you cook you can be dancing around the kitchen and giving yourself a workout which in turn will allow you to indulge in your rich puddings you have just whisked up! I won’t force my music choice down your throats but one of my favs is Flo Rida – Good Feeling. Happy listening makes happy cooks!