BBQ Menu


We create all homemade marinades and rubs for our meat and fish to bring out the flavours, seal in juices and keeping food moist from the BBQ. We also smoke meats or fish and bring the BBQ flavours to you. We make all our own salsa sauces, dips, dressings and condiments to compliment our dishes. BBQ parties are available from May 1st to Sept. 1st and are perfect for family gatherings, civil ceremonies, summer parties, here are just some of our suggestions but we can build a menu around your BBQ summer favourites.


Porterhouse steaks with red wine shallot butter (cooked to your liking)
BBQ Smoked Hickory Meatloaf (chef’s personal recipe with beef and lamb meats, carved & served on a char grilled seeded bap)
Lamb Kofta with Taziki (served in pitta bread)
Trio sausage skewers (Spanish chorizo, German bratwurst/Frankfurter, Irish sausage served with long soft bread roll)
Tandoori chicken breasts with fresh mango & mint chutney
Marinated chicken skewers in yogurt, lemon & mint
Lamb meatball skewers with cumin & oregano tomato sauce served with warm bread rolls
Jerk seasoned chicken served with sour cream & lime zest & juice
Caribbean Pork with honey lime sour cream
Southern style slow cooked pulled pork
Rack of marinated lamb with fresh homemade mint sauce
Vegetarian curry spiced skewers with sweet potato, roasted peppers, aubergine, tomato, mushrooms, onion, garlic with yogurt dip
Duck breasts with orange onion salsa
Lamb Souvlaki with cucumber mint sauce
Soy ginger glazed salmon cutlets (when fresh in season)
Whole salmon with nectarine salsa (when fresh in season)
Gourmet beef burgers with selection of toppings from goat cheese, tapenade, bacon, portobello mushroom, salsa slaw
Gourmet lamb burger
Gourmet Turkey burgers with herbed mascarpone cheese, sundried tomatoes char grilled onions & served in toasted focaccia bread
Veggie nut burgers
Char grilled squid with ginger, garlic and chili (when fresh in season)
Cod/Seabass cooked in banana leaf with Asian spices (when fresh in season)
Vietnamese Prawn pops on sticks with satay peanut sauce
Hickory & Bourbon chicken drumsticks
Surf & turf (Steak & Prawns)
Char grilled scallops with watermelon salsa or citrus zest butter
Oysters cooked gently various styles (when fresh in season)
Chicken wings with blue cheese dips
Honey Garlic chicken wings
Moroccan Ras el hanou lamb skewers
Baby back ribs with BBQ sauce
Mexican hickory tenderloin of beef or chicken with fiery salsa & guacamole
Spare ribs with BBQ/Sweet & Sour/Asian spice sauces
Chicken breast wrapped in parma & stuffed with rocket garlic pesto
Mackerel with gooseberry salsa (when fresh in season)
Vegetarian quorn with roasted vegetable skewers

Corn on the cob with chili butter
Asparagus with parma ham & lemon vinaigrette
Orange glazed baby carrots
Honey & curry glazed butternut squash chunks
Caramelised apple or apricot slices (perfect with pork dishes)
BBQ baked sweet potatoes or Irish roosters
Stuffed Portobello mushrooms
Polenta patties
Veggie skewers
Caponata (made with char grilled veg)
Courgettes with Greek spices & herbs
Tapas feast

Asian glass noodle salad
Black bean & avocado salad
Tunisian Grilled vegetable salad
Spicy Aubergine salad with coconut
Puy lentil salad Greek salad with feta, olives & tomato
Caprese salad with basil, mozzarella, & tomato
Pea & broad bean salad with fresh mint
New potato salad with yogurt, mayo, chive and mint
German style potato salad with honey, wholegrain mustard
Traditional Coleslaw
Slaw of apple, carrot, raisin & nut in vinaigrette
Watercress, rocket & pear salad with honey dressing
Avoca broccoli, feta, hazelnut & cherry tomato salad
Ravioli of cheese with spinach & basil leaves in light balsamic dressing
Beetroot, pinenut & goat cheese salad
Rice crunch salad
Courgette & bocconcini salad
Proscuitto & melon salad

Banana Rum/Baileys Flambe
Vine leaf wrapped brie and cheese platter (cheese gently heated on grill) served with selection of crackers & grape salsa)
Fruity skewers Char grilled pineapple with hint of chili or pepper
S’mores with biscuit roasted marshmallows and melted chocolate
Grilled peaches with ginger & maple syrup & pistachio nuts with creme fraiche


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