Cookery School

My love of food and cooking came to me at a very early age, this combined with travel experience has inspired me, and is the basis for my understanding of flavours, spices, and good taste. I believe good food stems from fresh ingredients, and I have a particular interest in foraging for wild food and seaweeds from land and sea. Through cooking demos I hope to share my knowledge of world cuisine with you and teach you how to cook some of your favourite dishes.

We run various cookery programmes for up to 20 people. Our cookery sessions last for approximately 2 hours and are held in a certified HACCP kitchen using gas cookers. It is a cooking and dining experience as afterwards you sample and dine with others. It is a relaxed environment and a great way to spend the evening with friends or meet new people. Most people who join our classes either want to learn new skills, love cooking or simply love food.

All our recipes are supplied during the lessons, so you can take them home. If you would like to find out more about our cookery workshops please click on the link or call us to see what programmes are coming up. Learn more about global cuisine and signature dishes from all over the world from Ireland, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Greece, to Thailand. The world is your oyster when it comes to food, and food is definitely the spice of life!

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